Friday, June 7, 2013

Villa De Sol Reference Letter

Sacramento, CA

Dear Juli, Board Members, Empire Painting and Construction Representatives.

This letter is overdue but I am reporting back to Oliver Management and the Villa del Sol Board on the construction work that was completed at my unit, both inside my garage and the leveling of the balcony that had apparently caused the initial damage (slow leak).

After a somewhat lengthy wait and miscommunication about the initial start date, Empire were true to their word and with both Meagan Svendsen (Account Representative) and Kyle deLong (Project Manager) present the work team led by Luis Flores started bright and early and completed the interior of the garage in one day.   The following day(s) were dedicated to the total reconstruction and leveling of the balcony floor.  By Friday of that week the workers and then the painters completed the entire project.

Needless to say, I kept a close eye on the progress and am delighted with the result.   As mentioned previously, the water damage in the garage was repaired and my garage was left spotless.   Luis Flores and his workers covered every inch with plastic and did an incredible cleanup afterwards; the same applies for the balcony.  There was not a scrap of concrete or mess left anywhere and the workers were careful not to disturb the wooden planter boxes which took effort on their part.    They even watered the planter boxes upon my request as I could not reach them due to the wet concrete, etc.   

Luis Flores and his workers were respectful at all times and checked in with me every day and left the project in excellent order. They are A FINE TEAM OF PEOPLE.

The Board and Oliver Management are welcome to come and view the project.  I cannot be happier with the outcome.

From one homeowner who has seen and is experiencing the quality of Empire’s work, I would highly recommend them for further construction projects in our complex. But I mentioned to Meagan that the “proof is in the pudding” and when heavy rains come, I believe it will work well.  She stated that they stand by their work and I believe that.

Meagan, would you please convey my personal thanks to Luis Flores and the workers on this project.  They did and excellent job.  Kyle, I am sure you were there at times I may not have been, so my thanks to you and Meagan, too.

Great job, guys.  Thank you.

Best Regards,
Ethne S.
Citrus Heights, CA 

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