Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Board President gives us a glowing review. The HOAs 1st paint job in 16 years!

To Whom It May Concern,

We were in a position to have our community of 20 Townhomes painted after 16 years. Some months before we were financially ready, we invited Chet Oshiro and Sarah Marin to get a quote and talk about getting our homes painted.

EmpireWorks had done some beautiful projects here in Glendora and close-by so we went to see what their finished jobs look like. Quite honestly, their prices sounded too reasonable to get a high quality outcome but we went with the flow, interviewed other companies and decided EmpireWorks were best equipped to handle this job.

There were many old damaged wood issues and EmpireWorks knew just how to move forward. When it came to dealing with an unknown amount of $ to be spent on bad wood, we were told they would work with us with an abbreviated payment schedule for part of the work. Earlier this year we started the project with wood inspection & treatment from a reputable Termite vendor, then EmpireWorks came and worked on/replaced wood for a while then it was time to paint. Their paint crew finished all the stucco and wood painting within one single week. At the end of the job a crew inspected the work, unit by unit and finished up.

They notified our residents when their place was to be painted and stayed on schedule and made our job as Board of Directors so much easier. After additional inspections their work was fine-tuned and all has been finished to our satisfaction.

The job was amazing and the transition of our Casa Glendora complex was completed. Sarah, Chet, Rex plus their talented wood specialist and paint crew did an exemplary job and made our 30 year old units look fresh and new in today’s colors.

Karen C.

Casa Glendora Board President,
Casa Glendora HOA

P.S. EmpireWorks will return in 5 years to repaint our wood trim.

Monday, July 25, 2016

How about personable and friendly? Yes! We have that too according to Board President Erin.

I would like to thank EmpireWorks for the exceptional job that their crew did on our condo complex.   Not only was the work of great quality, the customer service was excellent and made the entire process run smoothly.
Superintendent Rex met with us while planning the schedule of painting, and for quality control walks throughout the project.  He was easy to work with and responded to our questions and concerns promptly.   Foreman Jose was on site everyday making sure the process went smoothly and answered any questions our homeowners had.  We had a couple of obstacles that came up during the painting project, but Jose was on top of it, and made sure that everything was addressed and adjusted as needed.  We couldn’t have asked for easier people to work with- they really went above and beyond on this project.  They both gave us helpful and professional insight while planning the color schemes as well.
I had numerous homeowners contact me to let me know how happy they were with the painting itself, as well as how personable, informative, accommodating and friendly all of the crew was that worked on our complex. The professionalism and ease to work with Rex, Jose, and the rest of their crew really made this process run seamlessly. All members of their crew were professional & courteous throughout the project. I cannot express how nice I was to have so many homeowners go out of their way to comment on how pleased they were with the job being done.  
I would be more than happy to recommend this team from EmpireWorks.  Thank you again for a great job, all the way around.   

Erin K, President
Orchard Meadows HOA

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Read about how we did on a $2,000,000 reconstruction and painting project!

Please accept this letter as my highest recommendation of EmpireWorks Reconstruction and Painting. Over the past seven months, as a member of the Board of Directors for the Linda Vista Village Homeowners’ Association in Lompoc, CA, I have had the opportunity to work with EmpireWorks on a reconstruction project valued at over $2 million.

We contracted with EmpireWorks to perform a full siding replacement on thirteen 4-unit buildings, to replace trash enclosures and storage shed, and to apply a new waterproof decking system - the final step being preparing, priming, and painting. During these past seven months EmpireWorks has consistently demonstrated its commitment to the success of our project by its attention to detail on all phases; that includes schedules, quality control, safety, communication, and administration.

EmpireWorks made its first impression with the LVVHA Board of Directors with the submittal of its proposal. The company’s Regional Vice President, Ryan Kilpatrick prepared an extremely detailed proposal package that included pricing, terms & conditions, specifications, a notification process, schedule, references, and the company’s personal information. Ryan presented this package to the Board at our HOA meeting in a clear, understandable and very thorough manner. In doing so, Ryan demonstrated to us that he had an in-depth knowledge of his company, all of the products being recommended, and our community’s needs. We all knew that a project of this size and scope would require strong leadership. Ryan assured the board that his personal commitment to the success of the project would not stop at the signing of the contract. He assured us that he would be in it for the long haul. And he has remained true to his word.

Throughout the duration of the project, Ryan has maintained a hands-on approach. He attends and participates in our monthly HOA meetings during which he reviews in detail any out-of-scope change orders and the financial impacts that they may have.  Using the internal schedule initially provided in the proposal, Ryan also provides the members with updates on the major milestone events. As a homeowner and a Board member, I have encountered few individuals with a higher work ethic and desire to please the customer than Ryan Kilpatrick. From the very beginning, he has guided our Board through every step of the process. He listens carefully to our needs and concerns and is always available to address any issues and/or answer any questions anytime, day or night.

In addition to the excellent service Ryan has showed us, his Foreman, David Lee Glass and his crew have been outstanding. Throughout the project, the Board has received feedback from homeowners stating that the workers are always courteous and polite. They are respectful with no loud yelling or music. Daily start and finish times, as well as breaks and lunches are adhered to consistently. At the end of their shift, trash and debris are cleaned up from work areas. David and/or his Lead, Diego are on-site every workday and willingly address any residents issues or concerns real-time. Sign-off walks are scheduled regularly with a member(s) of the Board to ensure customer satisfaction.

In my opinion, there are several areas that make EmpireWorks stand out in its field: 1) Its commitment to customer satisfaction is a priority; 2) It’s ability to be proactive in its planning (particularly during inclement weather), to work-out solutions that will satisfy the customer’s needs and also be economically feasible; 3) It will not look for additional work for the purpose of adding costs to the project; 4) It is proactive in the supervision and enforcement of quality of work and of safety requirements; and 5) It’s accounting practices. I recently conducted an independent value-earned financial assessment of our project, which in turn validated the invoice costs being submitted by EmpireWorks. I would also like to add that, as a businessperson I am especially impressed with the level of financial knowledge Ryan has had throughout the duration of our project. He has demonstrated a propensity for cost detail that is not often seen at a V.P. level.

As of this date, our reconstruction and painting project is approximately 70% complete. The buildings that have been completed look awesome. No doubt, the work of Ryan and his team at EmpireWorks has added great value to each homeowner’s unit and to the overall condominium complex.

If you are in need of a property renovation company, I would highly recommend EmpireWorks Reconstruction and Painting.  You will not be disappointed.

Nancy M.
Board of Directors
Linda Vista Village Homeowners’ Association

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kind comments from Dr. Donald M.

Unlike many contractors these days, the Empireworks crews seemed to care about what they were doing, i.e., they demonstrated professionalism! The Empireworks’ crews arrived on time, made sure that areas needing protection were covered, painted effectively and efficiently, and cleaned up afterwards.  I have no hesitation in recommending Empireworks for any of your painting needs.


Dr. Donald M.