Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ready for Summer? Is Your Property Ready?

We west coast states have been experiencing an incredibly hot spring.  In fact, it’s so hot for most of us that spring feels like summer. We sit at work sweating and complaining and then we blast the A.C. on the car ride home.  This west coast heat wave has left us no other choice but to take advantage of it.  And we’re taking advantage of this heat with the pool.    

A few weeks ago, sick of the air conditioning (and the bill), my husband and I decided to walk down to our community pool to cool off.  We weren’t the only ones either, which wasn’t surprising.  I’ve heard other residents enjoying the pool this spring almost every evening during the week, roughly two months premature for our community. 

The surprising thing about our trip to the pool was the condition it was in.  The pool was ice cold and had an overwhelming amount of leaves and branches floating in it.  While my husband and I brushed leaves away from us we overheard another couple complain about the shade. The trees surrounding the pool gates hadn’t been trimmed yet for optimal pool enjoyment.  

That’s when it dawned on me: our HOA Board wasn’t prepared for pool usage this early in the spring season. 

We have completely skipped spring this year and we’re officially in the summer season.  Sure, summer doesn’t begin until June 21st officially, but our west coast thermometers suggest otherwise. 

Did you remember to prepare your community pools and surrounding areas for summer?

Tips and reminders:

  • Remember to maintain the pool and pool amenities.
  • Did the Board change any pool regulations? If so, have the residents been notified? 
  • Has a system been devised for quickly responding to reports of problems within the pool area?
  • Has the board elected a person to survey the pool area on a weekly basis to properly inspect for vandalism, items in need of repair, unsafe conditions, etc.? 
  • Does the board use the same pool management company? Is that company’s contact information the same? 
  • Are there pool party regulations? Have they changed? 

Helpful pool resources:

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Click here for calculating pool formulas.  

Click here for tips to ensure swimmer enjoyment and comfort.   

Click here for pool safety advice.   

Written by Cari Stark 

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