Thursday, March 30, 2017

Another Board President gives us a glowing review. The HOAs 1st paint job in 16 years!

To Whom It May Concern,

We were in a position to have our community of 20 Townhomes painted after 16 years. Some months before we were financially ready, we invited Chet Oshiro and Sarah Marin to get a quote and talk about getting our homes painted.

EmpireWorks had done some beautiful projects here in Glendora and close-by so we went to see what their finished jobs look like. Quite honestly, their prices sounded too reasonable to get a high quality outcome but we went with the flow, interviewed other companies and decided EmpireWorks were best equipped to handle this job.

There were many old damaged wood issues and EmpireWorks knew just how to move forward. When it came to dealing with an unknown amount of $ to be spent on bad wood, we were told they would work with us with an abbreviated payment schedule for part of the work. Earlier this year we started the project with wood inspection & treatment from a reputable Termite vendor, then EmpireWorks came and worked on/replaced wood for a while then it was time to paint. Their paint crew finished all the stucco and wood painting within one single week. At the end of the job a crew inspected the work, unit by unit and finished up.

They notified our residents when their place was to be painted and stayed on schedule and made our job as Board of Directors so much easier. After additional inspections their work was fine-tuned and all has been finished to our satisfaction.

The job was amazing and the transition of our Casa Glendora complex was completed. Sarah, Chet, Rex plus their talented wood specialist and paint crew did an exemplary job and made our 30 year old units look fresh and new in today’s colors.

Karen C.

Casa Glendora Board President,
Casa Glendora HOA

P.S. EmpireWorks will return in 5 years to repaint our wood trim.

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