Tuesday, May 30, 2017

92 homes... and we got every detail right!

In May of 2016, our community began a large project, which included the painting of 92 homes and pool houses.  We hired EmpireWorks and are happy we did!

With help from Chet Oshiro and his team, we chose four colors with corresponding trim on the garages and gates, but not before we had them tried on homes we referred to as our test houses.  That way,  we could take a look at what the paint would look like in the day and evening, and make our final decisions.

Once the painting got started, Chet and his team were very helpful and hands on,returning to do touch ups on the weekends and looking after every detail that needed attention.

Throughout the entire project, we received excellent communication and customer service.The homes look lovely and we are constantly reminded of that, when friends and visitors come into our community.

I would highly recommend EmpireWorks, for your community or for individual projects, as they are trustworthy and highly motivated to do a good job and a quality one.

Lynn M. 
Vice President
Duna Gardens HOA

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