Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Kristina in Colorado knows a good company makes her job easier!

Colorado Management & Associates, Inc. 

I am the Work Order Coordinator with Colorado Management & Associates, Inc., and have been with the company for just short of 12 years. Over these years, I have worked with such a wide variety of Home Owner’s Associations, which require their own unique handling. 

One of the many keys to a successful relationship and efficient running of each of these HOA’s, is the team behind the scenes, as well as the labor that is on-site putting the care into each of the properties. 

The vendors that are on-site making repairs and beautifying the communities make a large impact in my job and my desk. So, it important to me to choose wisely in recommending and writing a letter of reference for a company. I am pleased to recommend EmpireWorks for the opportunity to bid or work on your project. EmpireWorks has always been extremely prompt, professional, and efficient in his delivery and has been able to work with some of the more challenging HOA’s in a delicate manner, that not all vendors would be able to handle so graciously. 

One last important point to share and reflect on is the quality of work that has come from the projects that were awarded to EmpireWorks. They have shown dedication to their craft by being on-time with their projects, showing fine workmanship, and being honest in their findings while on-site. 

Please contact me for any further information or questions you may have. I am happy to assist. 

Work Order Coordinator 
Colorado Management & Associates, Inc. 

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