Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Kind words from Ocean Park Imperial HOA and our good work leads to more happy people!

I am finally slowing down to write this letter of appreciation to a job very well done, I want to personally thank Francisco Ramirez supervisor and Angel the onsite lead man for enduring the several obstacles they had to face with some of the owners and the very disrespectful neighbor while the painting project was going on, it was all handled very professional.
Austin, would also send out a big Thank You to all that was involved in the painting project at Ocean Park Imperial Condominiums in Long Beach, the project turned out very beautiful all work that was asked of the employees was taken care of even if it took them away from finishing up another part of the building they were right on point with nothing said, just took care of it.
All the owners also say how beautiful our building look and wanted to send out thanks to everyone involved, also for Francisco's crew all respected the rules of the building and if anyone had a problem it not brought to my attention they spoke with them and the guy's were all willing to make sure it would not happen again from what was told to me from Francisco.
Also just wanted you to know, I have gotten some feed back from other condo buildings in the area asking who did the painting job for us which gave our building a great face lift, I gave them the information for EmpireWorks hopefully after the Holidays they will be in contact with the company to get some information out to them can only do so much to pass the info on.
Louis G.
President Ocean Park Imperial HOA  

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