Friday, September 11, 2015

Individual Homeowner goes out of his way to comment on his experience!

Kind words from a resident who appreciates our dedication to safety.

Mr. Patrick L.,  EmpireWorks Construction Superintendent,
I wanted to contact you and let you know what a GREAT job your team is doing with the repairs of the Pensaquitos Pines condo that I live in.
They have been courteous and clear in what I needed to do prior to repairs.  Notices have been timely and clear. At first I was worried that I would be unable to properly move personal items that may block repairs. The workers I have dealt with a VERY courteous.  They let me know if they need me to move any items that might be in their way and insure that everything is done in the safest and most efficient manner.   Construction areas are clearly and safely marked each day.
As an owner of an upstairs unit over the garage, I literally have construction being done on every side of my unit (3 walls and the roof!) and every door and window.  This is happening during some of the hottest days of the entire year.  Amazing efforts.  
The quickness of the repair efforts keeps residents inconvenience to a minimum.  I have been watching the repair and replacement of exterior trim and other items.  I have every confidence that the repairs will last many years.  New trim, new roof, updated rain gutters and a new coat of paint. It almost feels like a new Condo!
I wanted to thank you and your entire crew for making such a difficult task easier to live with.
The dread I had about these major building repairs has been replaced pride at the quality of work and the joy of pleasant interaction with the onsite workers.  

Please convey my complements to everyone involved!
Philip L.            
CC:  Lynn at Professional HOA Consultants


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