Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy resident at Green Glen HOA takes time to recognize outstanding team members!

I would like to start by stating that this company has done a fantastic job on our community! Your company has beyond exceeded my expectations. 

I wanted to take time to recognize a few people who stood out to me! Naiby was the most pleasant young lady ever. She made sure to answer all my concerns and transferred me over to whom I needed to speak to and my problem was resolved. She was patient and very understanding when I was upset. That leads me to the next person Martin he was the gentleman who I got transferred to and helped resolve this. He made it all so easy and stress-free. He made sure to work around my schedule, as I am an elderly woman who goes to doctor visits every other day. He is a respectful, educated person who even though had a bit of a problem understanding my English. He helped moved some items that were heavy and even after I attempted to tip him he declined. I was informed that Calvin is the manager so I would like to thank him as well as he has molded and helped make such a great team. Keep up all the great work! And continue to hire people like Naiby and Martin. If unable to I would just like to make sure this reaches the hands of a CEO, President or higher so they can be recognized.

Thank you EmpireWorks for the great job!

Resident Glenda