Monday, July 25, 2016

How about personable and friendly? Yes! We have that too according to Board President Erin.

I would like to thank EmpireWorks for the exceptional job that their crew did on our condo complex.   Not only was the work of great quality, the customer service was excellent and made the entire process run smoothly.
Superintendent Rex met with us while planning the schedule of painting, and for quality control walks throughout the project.  He was easy to work with and responded to our questions and concerns promptly.   Foreman Jose was on site everyday making sure the process went smoothly and answered any questions our homeowners had.  We had a couple of obstacles that came up during the painting project, but Jose was on top of it, and made sure that everything was addressed and adjusted as needed.  We couldn’t have asked for easier people to work with- they really went above and beyond on this project.  They both gave us helpful and professional insight while planning the color schemes as well.
I had numerous homeowners contact me to let me know how happy they were with the painting itself, as well as how personable, informative, accommodating and friendly all of the crew was that worked on our complex. The professionalism and ease to work with Rex, Jose, and the rest of their crew really made this process run seamlessly. All members of their crew were professional & courteous throughout the project. I cannot express how nice I was to have so many homeowners go out of their way to comment on how pleased they were with the job being done.  
I would be more than happy to recommend this team from EmpireWorks.  Thank you again for a great job, all the way around.   

Erin K, President
Orchard Meadows HOA

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